Lab Alumni

Joo-Young Lee (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow)
Until December 2016, in the kkim lab.

During January – July 2017, in the Sauro lab (Official PI: Associate Professor Herbert Sauro)
Joo-Young is currently a postdoc in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the MSU (2017). He was one of the hard working and brightest postdocs that I have met. His research areas include molecular biology, metabolic engineering, and synthetic biology. On January 2017, his supervisor/PI was changed to Dr. Sauro, but Joo-Young continued to work with me on the genetic stability project and successfully finished it. One paper on this project is now in preparation.


V. Siddartha Yerramilli (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sid is currently a postdoc in WPI (2017). He designed RNA malachite green aptamers to enhance their fluorescence signals. He successfully finished the RNA aptamer project. His paper on this project (in submission) can be found below. Sid also worked on a project on stochastic gene expression noise by performing single cell microscopy experiments.


Kiri Choi (Ph.D. Graduate Student, Bioengineering)
Kiri is currently working with Dr. Herbert Sauro (UW BIOE). He worked on a couple of projects on stochastic gene expression and its effect on nonlinear genetic regulation. He and I wrote two papers. He was jointly supported by me and Herbert.


Keagan Moo (Undergraduate, Bioengineering)
Inference of gene regulatory networks and their temporal properties from time-series measurements
Computational Project on Multi-drug Combination.