Kyung Hyuk Kim (PI)
Acting Assistant Professor of UW Bioengineering
N410B, William H. Foege Building [UW map]
(206) 543-8321
Resume, CV

Joo-Young Lee (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow)
Research Interest: molecular biology, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology
Experimental research on gene circuit stability under mutation pressure.


V. Siddartha Yerramilli (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow)
Research Interest: cell signaling, fluorescence microscopy, synthetic biology
Experimental Research on (1) RNA aptamer design and its applications on functional RNA characterization (2) gene circuit stability under mutation pressure.


Kiri Choi (Ph.D. Graduate Student, Bioengineering)
Stochastic gene expression and its effect on nonlinear genetic regulation
(jointly under Dr. Sauro of UW Bioengineering)


Keagan Moo (Undergraduate, Bioengineering)
Inference of gene regulatory networks and their temporal properties from time-series measurements
Computational Project on Multi-drug Combination.


Christian Selig (Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering)
Genetic instability in yeast cells under nutrient deficiency (flux balance analysis) in collaboration with Dr. Dunham of UW Genome Science.