Machine Learning Projects

I have performed three different ML projects. The first two projects are of non-biology topics and the last one is related to synthetic biology.

  1. Next housing market crash
    Data used in this project:
    The historic median house prices by city (downloaded from here) was obtained from the Zillow Research.
    The city populations of year 2010 to 2014 were obtained from data (link).
    Algorithms used: Gaussian Mixture Model

  2. Gold price prediction
    Data used in this project: Yahoo finance
    Algorithm used: linear regression

  3. Parameter inference for synthetic gene circuits (stochastic dynamical systems)
    This project, still ongoing, has been performed with my undergrad (Keagan Moo) [github].
    Algorithm used: Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
    Here in this project, we aimed to infer system parameters of gene regulatory networks, based on stochastic trajectories of observed signals (fluorescent light intensity over time). Inter-parameter correlation matrices are systematically taken into account in the ABC method.